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A Lesson in Letting Go

It has been awhile since I've shared an update with you all. 7 months to be more specific.

Back in March 2021 the world began its "soft-opening" and I was juggling all of the balls I created in the midst of a pandemic - full-time work, a small business, getting my 300HR yoga certification, and teaching again in public.

A plus - I can juggle pretty well! \ The drawback - Too many damn balls!

I wanted to give 10 out of 10 to all that I was doing and in reality, I was beat. So really I was delivering 6 out of 10s left and right. I knew my quality as a teacher was dwindling because of the quantity of things I put on my ethereal plate. This didn't sit right with me, and at the same time it was so hard to let some things go.

In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the concept of aparigraha exists to remind us to be: non-attached, non-possessive and non-greedy. In other words, "freaking, let go."

Have you ever started to ride a bike or something where you were white-knuckling the handles for hours? And then you let go and for a moment your fingers feel like they are frozen into a curved death-grip, but eventually they straighten back to their previous form? That's how it felt when I finally let go. Uncomfortable and freeing, at the same time.

Although I absolutely loved working with my clients, I needed to "freaking, let go" of how I was running my business because it was running me into the ground. And no one wants a burnt out yoga teacher.

After the dust settled I am happy to say that I am now a 500HR Registered Yoga Teacher and I still have my business (although it looks a little different now). I am seeing fewer private clients, teaching more classes in-person in my local Salinas community, and offering yoga workshops to dive deeper into all things yoga. All the while, I am going to school to get my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy and am rockin' a full-time job.

Even though I still have a full plate, I feel so much less weight because I let go of what my ego wanted and made room for what my spirit needed. I let go of the daily stress that kept my nervous system on overdrive and dropped out of the race against the invisible clock.

The key takeaways from these last several months.

  • Your energy is worth a hell of a lot more than any money or award

  • Sometimes the route we need to travel isn't always the easiest

  • Mistakes are key to learning

  • It's okay to be afraid to let things go, but do it anyways

I guess this is the exceptional thing about life - it is a never-ending buffet of lessons and self-growth. Overall, I hope to continue to share more about how yoga isn't just the shapes you make on a mat, but a way you can intentionally shape your life for the better.


With gratitude,



Love this so much! Its so awesome to see you flourish into the woman that you are! I never knew you were so insightful and mindful about life. Continue to keep sharing these stories with the world. - Ki Kau


This is so heart-warming to hear. Thank you! I think being a yoga teacher definitely prompts me to reflect a lot on life and how we all move through it. Love being on this planet with you! <3

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