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Prepare for your Private Yoga Session

Yoga props

Yoga props may be essential to beginning your private yoga sessions. Luckily, you can find a lot of these props around the house. If you want to invest in yoga props I have linked to the props I use in my own practice. 

  • Yoga mat

  • [2] blocks, foam or cork (or supportive books/items around the house)

  • [1] strap (or robe strap or belt)

  • [2] blankets

  • [2] same-size pillows

  • Rectangular Yoga bolster (or you can make your own)

    • Make your own bolster at home:

      • ​Place 2 pillows inside 1 large pillow case​  or 

      • use a rectangular sofa cushion or 

      • roll thick blankets into a firm bolster shape, leave as is or place inside a large pillow case and tie off the open end with a rubber band, hair band or string.

  • (optional) Round Supportive Yoga Bolster

  • (optional) Eye pillow, or clean + soft wash cloth to shield light from your eyes


Setting-up your space

A huge aspect of these sessions is the ability for your own body to heal itself. When you set-up your yoga space, you are holding space for your own healing and transformation. Setting-up your space may be the first act of self-care you are showing yourself for the day, week or month, so you want to make it special.

  • Make it special. Be kind to yourself and make the space around you extra nourishing.

    • Turn the lights down

    • Burn incense

    • Light a candle

    • Start a diffuser with essential oils

  • Create your boundaries. Explain to your family, friends, partners or housemates that you have carved out x amount of time for yourself. If they need something they can reach you before, or after your session.

  • Turn your phone on silent. The little vibrations or *pings* from our phones can trigger us in the most relaxed states. Turning our phones off or on silent helps the body find the rest it deserves.

  • Connect your laptop to a TV. If you have an HDMI cord, you can connect your computer into your TV, producing a larger picture and louder volume.

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