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The story behind the logo

Sooo... why this logo?

I created this logo with two ideas in mind:

1st| to represent the balance between light and dark within us. Sun • light / Moon • dark

2nd| I was inspired by the practice of "kintsugi" in Japanese culture. Kin • golden / tsugi • joinery

Kintsugi is a repair method used in Japan wherein broken pottery is mended with golden lacquer, making the repaired pieces even more exquisite than they were unbroken.

It's the very essence of this practice (that I absolutely LOVE) and that I feel defines the yoga I offer in both private and public yoga sessions. This idea that we can become aware of the parts of us that may be chipped, cracked or broken and love them - repairing these spaces with gold.

Acknowledge where you are chipped and repair yourself with the gold from inside yourself.

What does this gold look like? love, compassion, patience, space, time, affirmations, trust, vitality, expression.

The kintsugi approach makes the most of what already is. It illuminates the beauty of who we are, flaws and all; instead of leaving us forever reaching for new, more, different, other, or better.

Every time I share this logo I wish to share the idea that there is a balance of light and dark within all of us, and our ability to wholly embody every aspect of our Self is how we see how absolutely perfect we are in each and every moment.

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