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Gather sessions

Offering ~ Schedule a time that works best for the whole group to practice yoga with one another. This session will be held via Zoom and all you need to do is show up! I will send out a Your group may also make requests for the yoga session (i.e. specific poses, postures, body parts, music, etc) - sky's the limit. One person will be the group "lead" and will book the agreed time. 

Who ~ For the group of friends or family that love the idea of sharing a wellness moment with one another. Also, splitting the cost of a private session makes this semi-private yoga experience good for your wellness and your wallets!

  • The offering includes ~

    • a semi-private yoga session | 60-75 min

    • a reminder email | I send out a reminder email to the group intaking any requests

    • specific requests | anyone in your group may request a specific body region, posture, music, etc.


  1.  come together; assemble or accumulate.

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