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Yoga asana: tree pose

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Yoga is the union of the mind and body through the breathe.

It teaches us how to listen less to the random thoughts that flood our mind and more to our own body’s intuition.

When we listen to our bodies, instead of replacing the body’s language with our own thoughts, we learn from it.

One of the ways I find out quickly how my body feels is tree pose. This pose invites balance, strength, patience and opening.

When I first started yoga I’d take my foot and tense up every muscle in my body to keep my foot planted inside my inner thigh for what I thought was the “right way” to come into tree pose. And as long as I didn’t breathe I could stay there for a solid 3 seconds.

Needless to say, my body couldn’t get a word in.

My mind: “look I can do it.”

My body: uhh can we breathe??! pelvis is out of whack, is this balance, so much tension and gripping

Sometimes the real work is listening to your body and taking the first layer or modification in the pose to ground and anchor into your body. And from there, you move with intention — mind and body connected by the breathe.

Often times, there’s a lot of stuff happening in our backyards and in the world. It’s overwhelming and if you identify as a doer, a striver, and a never give upper, chances are your mind is running and your body is tired.

Connect your mind and body with your breathe. With each breathe intentionally let go of the gripping, the tension, the need to keep “doing.”

What is a modification you can give yourself in life right now that can enable you to connect with your mind, body, and breathe?

Maybe begin with closing your eyes right now and taking a long, steady inhale and exhale just for you.

Feel more at ease and at rest within your body with each passing breathe.

Always with gratitude,



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