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Benefits of yoga

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I have linked to an article from the National Health Center for Complementary Medicine and Integrative Health (NCCIH) as they provide a comprehensive list of benefits from yoga with included references to scientific research and findings.

Below is a list of benefits that barely scratches the surface of what yoga has to offer:​​

  • Relieve low-back pain

  • Relieve tension headaches and neck pain

  • Relieve menopause symptoms

  • Creating a space to destress and calm the body during overstimulating life events

  • Assists in increasing healthy lifestyle habits and decreasing unhealthy habits

  • Assists in body positivity and shifting unhealthy thoughts regarding our bodies and minds.

  • Helps people with chronic disease or pain, manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

  • Increases mental and emotional resiliency

  • Increases overall balance and flexibility

From the article referenced above, a NCCIH survey of why Americans practice yoga reports:

National survey data from 2012 showed that 94 percent of adults who practiced yoga did it for wellness-related reasons, while 17.5 percent did it to treat a specific health condition. The numbers add up to more than 100 percent because some people reported doing both.

The majority of adults who practiced yoga said that it helped in these wellness-related ways:

  • 86 percent said it reduced stress

  • 67 percent said it helped them feel better emotionally

  • 63 percent said it motivated them to exercise more regularly

  • 59 percent said it improved sleep

  • 82 percent said it improved overall health and made them feel better.

Smaller numbers of people reported other benefits:

  • 43 percent said yoga motivated them to eat healthier

  • 39 percent said yoga eased coping with health problems

  • 25 percent of people who currently smoke cigarettes said yoga motivated them to cut back or stop smoking cigarettes

  • 12 percent of people who currently drink alcohol said yoga motivated them to cut back or stop drinking alcohol

Improve mental resilience and wellbeing. It is no secret (and Harvard scientists believe) that mental and emotional health epidemics such as: chronic stress, anxiety and depression exist; but they don't have to conquer us. Yoga is proven to decrease the levels of anxiety, stress and depression through mindful movement and breathe.

Show yourself some love. Sometimes it's hard to integrate a self-love practice in your daily life. This practice increases a sense of well-being and promotes feelings of gratitude and contentment. Dedicate time to yourself to destress and learn self compassion one session at a time.

Ease your pain. Our bodies are our vehicles to exploring life in this world and thus, when it is in pain, it is hard to experience that life. You deserve to experience less pain and I would like to help. Yoga has been proven to help with: low back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and so much more. We can find the right method of yoga that works for you and your body.*

Consistency is key. The benefits of yoga are exponential with a consistent practice. Sometimes the hardest part of remaining consistent is creating the time in your schedule and I am here to help. Schedule sessions when they work best for you so that you can maintain your yoga practice and live out the benefits.

To begin or continue your yoga practice fill out my Private Yoga Intake Form and I will be happy to begin sessions with you, meeting you wherever your mind and body are today.

Always with gratitude,



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