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Mantra of the moment

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

My mantra of the moment: Let go of the attachment to the care you give.

I’ve been re-reading this and saying it out loud over and over again to “get it” and I’m realizing that in order to understand, I truly have to live and feel these words — not just think them over and over in my head.

Overthinking can cause all of these attachments we place on our care to flood our minds, not knowing what we will receive in return, leaving us debilitated and unable to give the care at risk of rejection.

I think that’s truly why I have so much attachment to the care I give. I felt like if I do “A” I’ll get “B.” There was a knowing that I would receive what I offered. But we aren’t math equations. We’re people and people just aren’t that predictable. And if “A” is my care and I expect “B” in return, then my care wasn’t that great to begin with.

When I read these words, I remember saying “what attachment? I’m not attached, I’m just caring, and because I care, I’m going to care about what people do in response.”

It’s that latter half — caring about what people do in response — that I need to detach from. That’s the good ol’ work!

Your care is a beautiful offering that reflects the light inside you. Any reflection of your light in this world is a gift.

When this is truly felt, the pressure of needing anything in return is lost because you know the light of your care, and you, are more than enough.

  • Do you tend to care with strings attached?

  • What are the qualities of your care?

  • How do you love to show your care most and can you still do this if you were to receive nothing in return?

Always with gratitude,



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