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Falling asleep during meditation

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I’ve been falling asleep during meditations.

My thinking mind: "well, great looks like we just wasted another 12 minutes."

My emotional mind: I feel let down because how am I supposed to get the benefits of meditation while I’m asleep?!

My body (and apparently the most important part of the meditation): Thank fucking goodness you slowed down just long enough for me to get a freaking nap. Praise this time. This is what we need right now.

The big lesson learned from this meditation that I inevitably slept through: Stop trying to figure out what you need for the future at the expense of yourself right now.

It’s okay to fall asleep during meditation. More than OK. It means your body and it’s needs are stronger than your mind and all of it's baggage, and I feel that this may be a super power.

One of my favorite offerings as a yoga teacher and within my yoga sessions is holding space for rest.

When my stress/anxiety is high, I need someone to facilitate my rest because otherwise I’m up doing “more productive” things, or things that just continue to exhaust the gas tank as opposed to refill it.

Notice if you have any signs from your body that you may need to rest. What do they look like?

Prioritize you and your rest. Be okay with asking for help to find it and to make space for it.

Here to support you along the way, contact me if you need encouragement or tips to cultivate rest .

Always with gratitude,



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