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Continuing a gratitude practice

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

“Take a pic of me in the new space!”

This was me so stoked to have the new space to teach yoga online and then quickly after I forgot about this moment and started to look ahead. Cue my need to hit the pause, and do a little rewind action.

I’m a “grower.” I have been conditioned and habituated to constantly look forward on how to improve and be better. Basically focusing my attention on everything “future.” Pros: you’re motivated get shit done / Cons: it feels like shit is never done and this makes you less motivated to get shit done. Hello, unhelpful behavior cycle!

How do we work on this? Gratitude for the present moment and how far we’ve come.

Here is a YouTube video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (I love this channel! It has a bunch of fun human stuff and science) that explains why gratitude is the antidote to dissatisfaction.

So let's make it happen right now!

Take this moment to really reflect on how far you’ve come since day 1. Like day 1 since they cut the cord. From learning motor skills, to speaking, to socializing, to learning to love, to learning to make boundaries — there is so much depth to who you are and how far you’ve come.

I’m not saying stop growing, but I am saying stop and observe your growth more. Look at your home, the memories you’ve made in pictures, the plants or pets that are just happy to be living in your presence, the recipes you’ve created, or the beautiful, strong and unbreakable connections you’ve made that exist right now in your life.

Look at the life you’ve built. Sure, there are some things still under construction but that doesn’t outweigh the abundance in and outside of yourself.

Revel in your accomplishments. What’s something you’ve done, or overcome, that makes you feel like you are amazing?!

There is no one else out there in this entire world that is like you, doing what you’re doing — so what is it about you that you love most about you and how far you’ve come?

Always with gratitude,



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